the two major icons
in men's wear.

Ties have always been symbols of the establishment, money and power. Over the last decades the necktie fell out of fashion, with a short resurgance in the 80s.

However, ties have never been part of casual menswear and popular culture. Until now. Mind Your Own Business takes the tie to a new level and remixes this most famous icon of men's formal fashion with your everyday t-shirt. Using new ties, some seventies and real vintage business ties, the shirts are all handmade, unique pieces.


Joyce Vanhommerig (1975) collects the ties, and assembles them with the right coloured shirts. Digital media designer Juul Spee (1982) created the website. Beside minding their own business, they are also known as djuul & djoyce, playing fancy records as a dj duo.

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Are the ties real?
Yes, the ties are either vintage or new ones. Most of them are 100% silk.

Can I wash a MYOB shirt?
Yes. Because of the sewing, the tie will survive your washing machine. Wash at 30?C and tumble dry.

Where do you find the ties?
We shop more than other people.

Tell me about the shirts.
The shirts are 100% high quality cotton and fairtrade. For more info go to our supplier.

I like shirt #... but I need a smaller/larger size. Is that possible?
Sorry, but all shirts are custom made. Once a tie is sewn onto a shirt, it's forever.

What's the exact size of the t-shirt?
S: 42 x 64 cm
M: 45 x 68 cm
L: 48 x 70 cm

What's the size of the tie?
All ties are different, so there's no fixed length, and the ties are made from different fabrics. We do use thick quality ties that are suitable to create a Mind Your Own t-shirt.